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Pray for us... that we won't be edited out of Road to Perdition.

In March, 2001, while in Chicago filming his gangster epic Road to Perdition, Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes caught wind of the acting brilliance of three Hollywood newcomers named Sandor, Colleen and Colleen. He immdiately halted production and demanded that we be added to his cast. Finding all of his speaking parts filled, he fired a few nobodys in order to fit the three of us into minor, non-speaking -- but very crucial to the plot, we've been told -- roles.

Now that the movie's about to hit theaters, we're organizing a trip to see the result of all our hard work. C. Milani and Sandor will be at the Davis Theater (in Lincoln Square) on Thursday, July 18, for the 7:30 show. We'd love it if you can join us. Show up at least 15 minutes early, so we can get good seats.

Afterwards, we'll all head to nearby Ricochet's to drink whiskey out of barrels and toast our bright future. Autographs are okay, but please, no photos.

Can't watch it with us? Here's how to spot us:
• In the church (pictured at left), the two Colleens are walking back to their pews from taking communion when Tom and Paul are walking out of the church. Sandor's in the first pew on the left side, just left of the center aisle, though you'll only probably be able to see the back of his head.
• Sandor's also in one of the very first scenes -- when the factory workers are all leaving the factory. As they flow out, some of them buy newspapers from a little boy. Sandor walks by the boy with a friend, who buys a paper.
Opens July 12th, 2002
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